Bologna, 18-21 February 2010
Mouldings, Frames, Graphics and Technologies

Quadrum Saca 2009

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Those who think of a frame as something that serves to complete a painting or poster are only right in part: the frame is much more than that. It can be a basic design element of interior architecture.


On this provocative note Quadrum Saca, the international exhibition of mouldings, frames, graphics and technologies, will take place from 19 to 22 February 2009 at the Bologna Exhibition Centre. An edition, the twenty-seventh, which marks an important milestone in the event’s history: QUADRUM SACA, today the world’s premier showcase for the frame industry, will become the international point of reference for wall decor. Starting from the upcoming edition, the products on display will also include lamps and lighting in general, wall coatings and finishes, stencils and wall stickers, wall decorating products, fabrics, wallpaper and furnishing elements.

An important development that QUADRUM SACA will celebrate with a major exhibition event: The Walls of Desire, coordinated by the architect Laura Villani and staged in the heart of Bolognafiere exhibition hall 36.

Important frame makers have worked together with leading names in fashion, design and art (the stylists Krizia, Fiorucci and Luisa Longo, the designers Alessandro Mendini, Karim Rashid and Marie Brandolini d'Adda, the artists Claudio Porcarelli, Paola Crema, Mark Kostabi, Gianmaria Potenza, Marco Lodola, Sandra Bermudez and Mario Ceroli, the musician Renzo Arbore, the ancorwoman Syusy Blady and the show-girl Eva Robbin's) to create innovative prototype walls for public and private spaces, also with an eye to contracting. Designed and built around a frame, the prototypes featured in The Walls of Desire will show the public how the frame can play a central part in interior decorating and design and in the definition of architectural spaces. This marks the inauguration of a new way of conceiving the frame and a new dimension in interior decoration, today centred on wall decor.

Spaces to live in and experience, transformed by a whole new use of the frame. Shops in which the furnishings, décor and layout of spaces tend toward identification with the merchandise on sale; private homes in which art transcends the confines of the frame, spreading to the walls, ceiling and furniture, and public spaces (e.g.: waiting and VIP lounges of air, railway and seaport terminals; reception areas of institutions, rooms in newly built town halls, etc.) whose intended use is identified by means of photographs and graphic artwork creating a striking visual impact.

Subjects and formats are part of the evocative scenic effect. In a hospitality space (e.g. a restaurant dining room) the use of images of food and drinks (hot cocoa with whipped cream, a cup of coffee, a bottle of vintage wine, bread baked in a wood-burning oven, a glass of aperitif) can create a refined effect if proposed in a maxi format. A hotel bedroom can be lent a highly suggestive appearance by an enlarged detail of a work of art or a city building, or a famous personality to whom the room may be dedicated.


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